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Striving for efficiency and Creativity was always a big part of my live. After years of studying, photographing, traveling and creating I felt the urge to create something of my own. These days, everything happens instantly, tomorrow is too late, and I didn’t want to fall behind. So Polly360 came into this world. I believe in great customer service, not waiting for tomorrow and striving for perfection.

Guy Abelsohn

Guy Abelsohn


Entrepreneurship is his passion, therefore creating was a must. They all have a story, right? Well It all started with photography, 360 photography to be specific. With an educational background in Economics and business management, industrial experience of marketing and business development, a digital marketing agency was born. Polly360 aim is to help businesses achieve the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 500+ clients can testify for our unique approach and ongoing support until we, together, reach our goals.
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